Bakı-Pilsen Brewery


Main Objective: The project aimed to create and develop a website for our clients, introducing the "Baku-Pilsen" brewery and its products.

Date: May 18, 2013

Partners: "Baku-Pilsen" Brewery

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress CMS


This project involved the creation and development of the website for the "Baku-Pilsen" brewery. The goal of the website was to provide detailed information to customers about the history, product varieties, production process, and quality control of "Baku-Pilsen" beer.

The website offers comprehensive information about the history of the "Baku-Pilsen" brewery, its product range, the production process, and quality control. Customers can find information about the different types of "Baku-Pilsen" beer, volume options, and packaging choices on the site.

The project was executed with a focus on delivering an interactive and aesthetically