The Innovations Center Website - a government organization


Main Objective: The project aimed to create a website for "The Innovations Center," a government organization dedicated to fostering social innovation in Azerbaijan and facilitating collaboration between the innovation and business communities.

Date: June 25, 2014

Technologies: WordPress CMS, Bootstrap framework, JavaScript


This project involved the development of a website for "The Innovations Center," a government organization in Azerbaijan. Established to promote social innovation, this center collaborates closely with government authorities, academic institutions, and the international business community to introduce innovative solutions in public services and beyond.

The primary role of "The Innovations Center" is to provide technical support and develop and implement innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and quality of public services at ASAN Centers across the country. Additionally, the center works with various public institutions in Azerbaijan, offering innovative solutions in the fields of information technology and public services.

Result: The website created for "The Innovations Center" serves as a platform to communicate its mission and activities. It showcases the use of modern technologies, including WordPress CMS, the Bootstrap framework, and JavaScript, to present information in a user-friendly and accessible manner. The project, initiated in May 2013, underscores the commitment to advancing innovation and enhancing public services in Azerbaijan.